Obstacle race ideas for kids


Kids, especially toddlers are always looking for fun and new adventures. They can’t get enough of the space and always want to run around. This growth stage is when kids develop their motor skills, strategic thinking and social skills. This is also the period when they seem to be energetic at any time of the day. You might be tired of old games you played with them and reading them stories won’t work unless you’re putting them to bed. Now, you can develop engaging and fun activities that you and kids will surely enjoy – the obstacle race adventure!

Obstacle race adventure is best set up on your backyard or lawn area. Members of the family, friends and kids’ playmates can participate on this race for an outdoor gathering.  You can also set up this activity when you and the kids are having a picnic in the park or just playing. Parks are equipped with more obstacles like cones, jump ropes, slides, ladders, and rock walls that add variety to the course, thus making the obstacle race more fun and adventurous.  DF ELITE actually specialise in training for these type of obstacle course races.

What do you need?

Use all of the kids’ favorite toys to engage them in the activity. You can line up the stuffed toys that will serve as points they have to pass through. You can tie up or roll up towels to serve as barriers. You can also use items like laundry baskets, shoe boxes, durable plastic stools, bins, balls, buckets and long cardboard tubes.

You can also use items from your garage like ladders (make sure they are not too high for toddlers to climb in), ropes, tires, pool noodles, empty cardboard boxes, planks of wood, plastic clamshells (for sand and water play).

Setting up the obstacle race adventure

For empty and hallow cardboards, you can line them up so that kids can crawl inside spaces. Laundry baskets and buckets can serve as jumping challenge.

Ladders can be laid down flat and kids can step between spaces. If ladder will be climbed on, make sure that it is set up properly and not too high for toddlers.

If you have cones or bowling pins, the kids and skid between them or weave in and out. Placing empty buckets and laundry baskets upside down can also provide this activity.

Blue carpet or towels can be laid down and mark them as rivers. Put pads of wood against the blue towel to step on. Children can also cross the river while motioning their arms as if they were swimming. You can put crocodile stuffed toys on the blue items and whoever falls or come in contact with them will be eaten. Can you imagine how fun it could get?

Shoeboxes can be placed across the yard as obstacles where kids can hurdle over.

If you have a ride toy like a wooden horse, you can place it within the yard so that kids can ride on it while traveling across the small part of the lawn.

At the end of each obstacle, place a hoop or play money that kids would collect.

Aside from a weekend bonding with families and friends, you can also set up an obstacle race themed party. Although you will need additional props and a larger area to accommodate all the guest kids, it will surely enliven the party. Kids in their superheroes, fairy, prince’ and princesses costumes will be such fun.

Do You Want to be Dangerously Fit?


ID-10031377Take a look at the best stars and celebrities out there today. Most of them are fit as hell and go to extreme lengths to continue looking as fit as fit can be. Do you want to be like them? How about even look better than them? I am talking about being dangerously fit! So fit that even such stars will love to look as fit as you! If you want to be dangerously fit, keep reading.

First things first, it’s not just in the words but also in action. You can’t just say you want to be dangerously fit and then achieve it. Of course that’s not possible. No amount of repetition or even hypnosis will help you lose weight and be dangerously fit, if such words don’t come with ACTION.

The action I am talking about here is actually doing what should be done to lose the weight and be fit. And it starts with getting help from the right fitness experts. Note that I said “right” fitness experts! There are so-called fitness experts out there who don’t know what they are talking about, let alone what they are doing. They talk the talk, but don’t walk the talk. You certainly don’t want such people guiding you towards becoming dangerously fit. They can only guide you towards “deceiving” yourself that you are getting results when you are actually getting nothing.

So, again, the first step is to get the help and guidance of the “right” fitness experts. Such “right” fitness experts should have the years of experience and proven track records to help you. They should have been able to help other people before to look dangerously fit.

Such experts might even have fitness boot camps that you should certainly join. Boot camps like these have been proven to help a lot of people lose weight and be dangerously fit.

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