It may be an easy thing to say, “Get Better and Feel Fitter”, but the challenge is to carry through on good intentions and commit to action. This is why I have decided to build my blog on training and exercise, to help motivate though examples and shared experience, and to get everyone better – and feeling fitter.

The best part about personal fitness is getting in touch which new friends that have the same ideas and aspirations that you have, all aiming to improve themselves through physical exercise. That’s not to say you can’t better yourself on your own, but sharing the experience helps everyone stay on track – encouraging one another along the road to a better body.

The balance between exercise, fitness, diet, and ultimately a better-defined lifestyle, is a fine one, but I think that by pooling our stories and tips together, thejourney will be an easier and more enjoyable one.

So please comment if you find a post that interest you, or drives you onwards, and if you would like.to leave a message for others, then perhaps you will send me a message on the contact page.

And let’s all Get Better – Feel Fitter!